Monday, December 26, 2011

A Party

I never like a party, ever.. (I even used to evacuate each time my neighbors held a party back then in my college time)

Simply don't like the noise, nor the bang in the door (which would always happen if I didn't come out to join them.).

Beside, what's the point (of having a party)?

They say it is to have fun, I say it's wasting time..

The thing is, I won't judge them, fine if they say it's fun, but I'll disrespect them if they bang in my door asking me to join (with an addition of surprised look in their face if I refuse) - I mean, come on, I'm nice enough not judging you guys,, you should be nice enough too, don't knock (well, banging is a lot louder than knocking) my door nor frowning in front of me (I consider that as invading my privacy..)

Dan sekarang, di sini, di negri yg penduduk muslimnya terbesar ini, rasanya lebih miris kalo ada yang berkerut2 waktu dibilang: I don't celebrate such thing.. (Not happening yet,, but I'm sure it will happen,, melihat tayangan2 tivi dan posting di wall fb yg sudah menjurus ke sana)

*baiklah,, posting-nya tambah ga fokus,, hehe,, mari kita tidur..[hehe]

Alhamdulillaah untuk hari ini

Powered by Allah, The Most Merciful of All :)

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