Monday, January 30, 2012

I Wanna be With Them!!

*inhale: trying to construct my words - it's gonna be a long post with lots of topics at once, hopefully I could arrange it in an understandable lines

All started few days ago, when everyone was aware about cigarettes' colonialism in my country. I sit back still: it was my dissertation topics four years ago, and those people just aware about that issue few days ago (Subhanallaah)

That was enough for a shock, at least I finally understood why nobody 'care' about why commercials on smoking keep appearing nor why number of smokers keep increasing: because nobody aware of the danger of smoking nor the money that we -a poor country- donate to the US, a home of the biggest (and heartless) cigarette company, [at least (maybe) nobody aware of those facts before the video were being widely shared through youtube and facebook]

Today, I was even more shock to see reactions of several people after reading and watching a story of a binmen in Jakarta. (click here for Indonesian news)

Nothing seems so wrong about their reactions. Nothing: according to most people, but not for me.

Some of those reactions (and those are from well known people; someone with influential position in government) are just weird: as if they only know a sad story about Jakarta's binmen through the recent news and video; as if they always think that those people are fine

[get alive will you?! those people are exist!! they are everywhere around us!! They might be our neighbors, maybe our acquittance - where have you been ladies? *and gentlemen of course]

So I really am furious: we live in a place full of ignorant people here (not all are ignorant of course, but watching the news, I'm speechless..)

Our road to heaven is still long way to go (do you honestly think that Allah will let us enter His jannah if we do nothing about our brother and sisters who are being colonized by cigarettes or suffer from poverty? Do you really?)


The long journey should be started soon, very soon, we (and especially I) don't want to run out of the time..

I wanna be with them!! - contributing in any way I could to lessen their suffering..

It's been my goal since four years ago (I clearly remember that the starting time should be on September this year). May Allah give me the skills, knowledge, and all necessary things to be close to them

to live a life (with Allah's bless insya Allah)


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  2. hoo, nice link, tengkyu2.. (btw, Ifa kan ya? blogger profile nya g kebuka..)

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