Thursday, June 21, 2012

About Suering

Masjid Agung Ternate - View from Suering

'Suering' is a beach line which was constructed by some concretes. It is a vocabulary in Bahasa Indonesia, although not many Indonesians know about the word.

In Ternate, (wonderful island, magical place..), 'suering' specifically means 'tempat jualan di tepi pantai kalo malam' (night food court along the beach on the city centre nearby the port). the food court was indeed located on a concrete-based beach line.

Well, it happens that the blog is mine, surely, the definition will be the one which is closest to my personal experience. As such, the 'suering' in this blog means the one as perceived by people of Ternate. Our one and only 'suering' (will have another 'suering' for another us, insya Allah..).

It was once chosen as the address for this blog because the place itself has a special spot in my heart.

A place that reminds me the Great Power of Allah: for it shows the total natural beauty; nice blend of cultures; and peaceful surrounding of various beliefs (yet it holds the core principals of each belief and culture)

A place where I first learn to love beach: for it's beauty, for it's sea-smelled breeze, for it's wonderfully warm sun (it's not warm, it's never warm in Ternate, it's burning, hehe)

A place where I learn about love: loving, listening, and being quiet. Without rushing about anything, nor panicking that I was behind schedule (and my boss didn't even call me on my 'suering' time, ever)

A place that he loves so much: I was just happy to see his joyful eyes admiring the big ships on the port (I even smiled even tough I had a fever caused by the wind) - that happy face, I'm sure I'll find it again somewhere else,,

A place that has thousands of colors, thousands of splashes: and each of it has its own beauty - the yellow morning, the green masjiid, the blue afternoon, the red sunset (with the big rounded sun, and it's really BIG, like the one in postcard I used to deny to be a real scene), the black night (full of the stars or raindrops)..

It's all praise to Allah, for creating such magical place on earth

loving, praying [with minor editing on th 21st of december 2012]

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