Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happily Overheated

Struggling to seize 36 hours into a day ~very much like me, hehe

Start to get overheated here, Alhamdulillaah (it's always a good sign for me, and always urge lots of positive energy for my soul ~regardless some limits on my physical condition, oh I'm so not young anymore, hehe)

Started by: I have soo many things I have to do: assignments, homework, research, chores, jobs, and studies

Followed by: I have soooo many many things I want to do: Alleyya Chic, Da'arut Tauhiid, Wisata Hati, Halaqoh, Neighborhood, blog (or blogs)

Ended by: I have sooooo many many many regulations attached to me: internal and external

So then, just wanna say thanks to all lovely people that inspire me, also to these two beautiful ladies who inspire me to write (and always inspire me with their writings): mba nez ( & mba iphien ( ~drawback of posting from my email, I can't make a hyperlink..

Finally, let's get started. First thing first.

Finish all the things I have to do.

Live a life by doing things I want to do.

And being responsible (or amanah) by obeying all regulations

Barakallaahu fiik, Allahulmusta'an

nothing without Allah

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